Safe Moving

5,000 lb. Jeweler’s Safe

March 9, 2017

Jewelers’ safes can be incredibly heavy and difficult to move. That’s why the companies on Jewelers Row in Philadelphia always rely on the professionals when it comes to safe moving. […]


Moving Your Home Gym

February 27, 2017

When preparing to move, it’s likely that you’ll come up with a plan for your furniture and appliances, but what about other large items like exercise equipment? These pieces can be […]

Senior woman in home

Senior Moving Tips

December 14, 2016

When it’s time for a senior member of your family to move, it can be an emotional time. Whether it’s downsizing, moving in with a son or daughter, or moving […]

jewelers safe

6,000 lb. Jeweler’s Safe

November 2, 2016

Did you know that jewelers’ safes are often considered a specialty move? This is because they are quite heavy and difficult to maneuver — without the right equipment. At Ramsey’s […]

jewelers safe

Moving Jewelers’ Safes

July 29, 2016

Jewelers have to utilize the toughest safes on the market. Burglars will attempt anything to get inside one of these safes, so they need to withstand attacks with drills, sledgehammers, […]

West Chester Move

Residential Move in West Chester, PA

March 22, 2016

We recently packed and moved a home in West Chester, PA. This move included a lot of furniture, art, and some other decorative items. The Ramsey’s team wrapped and padded these […]