December 9, 2020

5 Effective Tips for Storing Holiday Decor

Packed decor with santa hatIt’s hard to know how to accurately store your holiday decorations. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but they’re fragile and can easily break if not stored properly.

To safely store your holiday decorations and optimize storage space this holiday season, check out our tips below!

How To Pack Away Holiday Decorations

  1. Use clear resealable bags and plastic containers. When packing your ornaments, try using a Ziploc bag and organizing each bag how you like. You can organize the bags according to ornament color, specialty ornaments, and more. You can put these bags into a plastic container to protect them in case they fall, and this provides an easy storage container.
  2. Use cardboard for lights. Use small disposable pieces of cardboard and wrap your lights around them. Not only does this organize your lights, but it keeps your lights from tangling around themselves. You can place the cardboard strung lights inside of a box.
  3. Wrap your tree. Wrap your tree with bubble wrap or saran wrap from head to toe. If you have a fake tree that gets stored in your basement, garage, or shed every year this is a great trick to save space and keep it clean. When you bring your tree out next year just use scissors and cut off the wrap!
  4. Store your garland in bottles. Nothing is worse than your garland tangling around itself. To combat this try putting your garland inside of a bottle. A water bottle can hold about two strands of beaded garland.
  5. Hang your wreaths. If you have extra space on your wardrobe rod, consider using this space for your wreaths. Wreaths are hard to pack due to their size and shape. This method helps keep your wreath’s shape.

Contact Ramsey’s Moving Systems

If you don’t have much room to store seasonal decorations in your home, consider using a storage unit. It might be helpful to label all boxes to easily access them for next year or doing a move. Ramsey’s Moving Systems is here to help when it comes to safe in-home moves, residential moves, junk removal, and unpacking/packing services. Contact us today for more information.