April 7, 2023

How Can I Move Furniture to a High Level Apartment Floor?

When moving into a high-rise or tall apartment building, those moving are often met with challenges unique to those structures. Oftentimes, large furniture such as couches, kitchen tables, or beds do not fit through doorways, up stairways, or in elevators.

 When this situation arises, you’ll find many inexperienced movers scratching their heads, wondering how to get their property into their new space. With Ramsey’s you don’t have to wonder any longer.

Check out this quick read to find out how furniture hoisting can help you!

Furniture Hoisting Solves Problems

If you’re encountering any of these problems, you need to be searching for “furniture hoisting service near me.” However, not everybody offers a furniture hoisting service. You’ll need to find a group that’s dependable, experienced, and careful. Like Ramsey’s Moving Systems!

The concept of furniture hoisting is relatively easy to understand. When a piece of furniture doesn’t fit through a doorway, the next solution is to try the window. When hoisting furniture it’s important that you take measurements for both the furniture you’re hoisting and the entry point. The last thing you want is to hoist a heavy piece of furniture up to your level, and find out that it doesn’t fit! 

A furniture hoist operates using a simple machine called a pulley system. As weight is applied to one end of the pulley, the object on the other side either raises or lowers. This makes furniture hoisting easy to approach, but you still need the right level of knowledge and experience to be able to do it efficiently.

Furniture Hoisting Requires Knowledge and Experience

If you’ve been searching for “furniture hoisting service near me” chances are you don’t know how to hoist your own furniture, and don’t possess the tools necessary to do so. That’s okay! Here at Ramsey’s Moving Systems, we’re proficient at everything when it comes to moving, so we’ll help you out.

If you don’t have experience hoisting furniture, we don’t recommend trying it alone. A good furniture hoisting service will take at least five experienced movers to operate, and even then it can be dangerous. 

When hoisting furniture, two movers will be on the bottom and two movers will be on the top, these movers are in control of raising and lowering the furniture up to the entry point. Additionally, the last mover controls the movement of the furniture, making sure it avoids all obstacles and no damage occurs.

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