August 29, 2019

5 Ways to Budget for a Long Distance Move

couple looking at destinations on map for long distance moveIf you have ever faced a long distance move, then you know it can be exciting – and often a little scary. The process of relocating takes time, effort and resources. In fact, money plays a key role here.

If you don’t know where to begin, we can help! Let’s discuss 5 ways you can budget for your long distance move.

1. Get Organized

No matter the move, your first order of business will always be: make a plan! You may be wondering how this will shave off a few extra dollars, but trust us, remaining organized will help you save.

Start by coming up with a realistic budget. Once you know how much your move will cost, you can start brainstorming ways to cut back on frivolous spending.

2. Be Thrifty

Obtaining sturdy moving boxes for your long move is a must, but are you able to reuse empty shopping packaging or can you enlist a friend to help you accumulate supplies?

There are several places you can look online that offer free boxes and materials, just make sure they aren’t too loved!

3. Pack Like a Pro

Efficient packing can save you big bucks! If your boxes are packed effectively, you can cut back on packing supplies, moving truck fees, and even extra storage space!

Organize items effectively, toss unnecessary belongings and be strategic. Do you want to purchase a large piece of art work right before your move day? Request it to be shipped instead of adding it to the moving truck (just make sure its within budget).

Learn more about how to pack your boxes properly.

4. Move During Off-Season

If you have kept organized and have the flexibility, try to schedule your move during the off-season, or a weekday. Generally, moving companies have high rates during peak dates.

Yes, it may be convenient to schedule your move on a long holiday weekend like Labor Day, but your wallet won’t be so thrilled. We recommended a mid-month, mid-day move.

5. Find the Right Moving Team

Finding professional long distances movers is important. Vet potential moving companies carefully; you shouldn’t rely on a moving crew of college kids that have no experience dealing with a moving truck.

Make sure your moving team is skilled, has the right qualifications and comes recommended before signing an agreement!

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