April 30, 2019

How to Pack Your Moving Boxes Like a Pro

Sealing Moving BoxThere is nothing worse than a stressful moving experience fraught with mishaps. Without a proper packing plan in place, your move can be a headache.

To avoid the chaos, proper packaging and smart organization are key. Create a seamless moving day with our packing tips!

Purchase Peanuts

Before you dive in, nail down a solid packing plan. Gathering the necessary equipment for your move is the first line of business. Make sure you purchase labels, bubble wrap, paper, sharpies, packing tape, packing peanuts—and of course boxes!

When you package up your items, we recommend sprinkling packing peanuts at the bottom of the box. Not only will this keep your contents safe and snug, but it will ensure there is a layer between your belongings and the ground if your box happens to get dirty while in transit. Don’t forget to use the peanut process before you seal the top of your box too!

Find the Right Box

Different Size Moving BoxesPacking boxes come in all sizes; it’s important to pick the right size for certain items.

Did you know that the heavier items should be stored in smaller boxes? Trust us, this is for your safety! When heavy items are contained in bigger boxes, it can be a hassle to move and harder on your mover’s back.

We recommend choosing three different kinds of boxes—small, medium and large. Books, files, and canned goods should be stored in smaller boxes while linens and clothing should fill bigger ones.

Keep in mind, most moving boxes offer a maximum weight printed on the bottom flap. If you exceed those numbers, the box could break!

Wrapping Matters

Don’t damage delicates by forgetting the packing paper! China and other fragile items should always be individually wrapped during the move.

Newspaper should only be used as cushioning because the ink could rub off and discolor items. We recommend using colored paper for important items that you want to stick out from a sea of wrapped goods.

Always make sure to fill empty space with paper or peanuts so your belongings don’t shift.

Seal the Deal

Strong, sturdy packing tape should be used to seal your boxes. If your things are traveling a far distance, it isn’t a bad idea to tape the sides of the box too.

Once your box is sealed, don’t forget to sign it! Whether you use numbers or text, have a system that allows you to determine the contents of the box without opening. This makes unpacking much simpler.

Don’t forget—label your boxes with a clearly visible “fragile” statement to ensure they are correctly cared for!

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Rely on a Professional Moving Team

Wallingford MoveMoving can be an overwhelming process, but when you rely on a trusted moving service like Ramsey’s Moving Systems, you can count on a stress-free experience.

Our team of moving managers, coordinators, movers, packers and drivers are dedicated to our client’s satisfaction. Contact us for your next commercial or residential move.