June 10, 2019

4 Items You Should Toss Before You Move

moving box full of junkMoving isn’t everyone’s favorite pastime, but it can be easier if you decide to lighten your load pre-move. In fact, there is no better feeling than starting in a fresh space without the extra clutter!

Most of us have difficulty parting with our belongings, but trust us, these 4 kinds of items are worth purging before move day.

4 Items You Should Toss Before Move Day

1. Perishables

Unless you are moving down the street, packing up boxes of food isn’t a good idea- especially if you are in for a long-distance move. Before move day, plan to have family and friends over for a big meal or donate canned foods to a local food bank.

2. Old Electronics

We are all guilty of hanging on to last generation’s iPhone or a VHS we’ve owned for decades, but if you have no use for it anymore, it is time to say farewell!

Old electronics take up space and oftentimes are too outdated to enjoy anyways. Save yourself the hassle of packing these items up and find a state certified e-waste recycling facility.

3. Specific Tools

Do you have extra air filters for your current AC system or lighting fixtures specific to your home? Don’t hang on to unnecessary items that were designed for the home you are leaving behind. It’s one less thing for you to pack up and the new owner will be pleased you didn’t!

4. Your Junk Drawer

There is a reason we call it junk! We accumulate these miscellaneous items over the years with no intension of using them. Do yourself a favor and start a fresh junk drawer at your new place.

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