April 21, 2020

6 Tips to Safely Move During COVID-19

Two people packing glasses into a boxMoving is a stressful situation for most, and now we’re adding a pandemic to the mix. The coronavirus has put a halt within our society, but moving is considered an essential service. If you do have to move during this time, we’ve created a list to help you stay safe and healthy throughout your move:

6 Tips for Moving During a Pandemic

  1. Contact your moving company. Every company is handling their services uniquely during this time, so consider contacting your moving company to learn of any changes in their process so you can be better prepared. If you’re planning on canceling your move it’s better to do it sooner rather than later.
  2. Focus on the health of you and your family. Transparency is important in times like this. If you or anyone in your home is symptomatic be sure to alert your moving company. In most cases, the movers will still most likely work with you, but will have to follow even more precautions to protect themselves. Also, if you are considered high-risk, you should make sure to prioritize your health during this time.
  3. Buy all your supplies in one trip or online. Leaving the house right now may be risky, so if you have to buy any sort of supplies for the new home or for the move, be sure to buy all you need within one trip to the store or online.
  4. Clean as you pack. Think of the items you don’t normally clean: this can include desk lamps and decor pieces, and clean them as you are packing. If you wipe down and sanitize all items being packed, you can focus on cleaning your new living space rather than everything else being packed.
  5. Utilize storage space. Storage companies are still open and operating in Pennsylvania. Also, Ramsey’s Moving Systems offers a storage space that we encourage all customers to use. Taking advantage of storage spaces allow you to store non-essential items in order to reduce the amount of items being moved.
  6. Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes. According to Moving.com, the coronavirus can live on cardboard for as long as 24 hours, so it isn’t the best idea to be picking up free moving supplies from places that are recycling them. If you have boxes around your house, then they are fine. If not, you may have to go buy packaged ones from the store.

Contact Ramsey’s Moving Systems

Ramsey’s Moving Systems is still open and performing regular moves, with added precautions. For more information on how we are handling our services at this time, please check out our blog post “Our Response to COVID-19”. Our team’s priority is to keep our customers happy and healthy, especially during this time.

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