September 29, 2017

Packing Tips for Your Upcoming Move

junk removal If you’re moving and planning on handling the packing yourself, keep in mind that there is a little more to it than throwing items in cardboard boxes. Without the proper technique and strategy, it’s likely that you’ll end up with a lot of broken belongings when you arrive at your destination. To prevent this, we’ve compiled some of the most important packing tips to keep in mind.

Reinforce Your Boxes

Remember that once full, these boxes can get pretty heavy. Run packing tape along the bottoms and line each box with paper to fill up empty space. This will help prevent the bottoms of the boxes from falling out mid-move.

Label & Separate by Room

Don’t put items that belong in the kitchen and bathroom in the same box — that’s how so many people end up losing items in the shuffle. All rooms should have their own clearly labeled boxes. This way, the unpacking process is much simpler.

Fill Each Box Completely

The less open space in each box, the less the contents will slide around inside. If you can’t completely fill the box, be sure to stuff it with paper or packing peanuts. Keep in mind that these boxes will likely be stacked in the truck, so an even distribution of weight will keep them from toppling over.

Use Soft Items as Cushioning

Your towels and sheets don’t need to be folded in a box. Instead, put them in plastic bags or trash bags and use them as lining for some of the bulkier items in the truck. You’ll save space and time when giving linens double duty.

Don’t Take Clothing Out of Drawers

Think of each drawer as a pre-packed box. Simply remove them from the dresser and move them individually. Dressers are lighter without the drawers anyway, and there will be plenty more room in your truck without the extra boxes for your clothes.

Looking for more packing tips? Check out the rest of our blog or consult with the professionals at Ramsey’s Moving!