May 14, 2019

4 Common Do-It-Yourself Moving Mistakes

stressed moverAre you considering a move on your own? Relocating takes time, money, plenty of planning- and in most cases, a few extra hands.

Before you get started with your move, you should weigh all of your options! We have highlighted some of the common mishaps do-it-yourself movers encounter on their quest to move without professional help.

1. Renting and Driving a Moving Truck is Easy

So, you have purchased a moving truck that doesn’t have the capacity to hold all of your things. Although it doesn’t seem common, plenty of movers run into this very issue. If you are in for a long-distance move, this could be a seriously time-consuming problem that could create a stressful moving day.

Perhaps you have purchased an extra-large moving truck. That means you’re in the clear, right? Actually, extra storage space can backfire, and you could risk damaging your belongings during transport.

Lastly, driving a moving truck isn’t like driving a car! Unless you have experience, this could present some unforeseen challenges during your moving adventure.

When you hire a moving company like Ramsey’s, we provide the right sized truck for your move. Our professional drivers have plenty of experience with our moving vehicles and know how to keep your items safe throughout the journey.

2. DIY Is Inexpensive

Do-it-yourself moves can be cost effective if you are a seasoned mover that is undertaking a local move; but most of the time, involved moves can be costly for inexperienced movers. You will be responsible for purchasing all of the packing materials, renting a moving truck and paying for gas and tolls along the way. Without a professional, your belongings could be damaged, or even worse, you or a loved one may get injured during the moving process.

It shouldn’t be assumed that hiring a professional will break the bank. Ramsey’s moving team offers reasonable estimates and supplies all of the appropriate moving materials for your move. Plus, our professional movers are trained; they know efficient, safe ways to move your items so that you and your belongings remain in mint condition!

3. Packing is an Afterthought

disorganized moving boxes in moving truckYou may have spent all of this time preparing the logistics of your move, that you forgot to pack; but, this step is just as important! Skimping on quality packing supplies or throwing items in boxes with no rhyme or reason is not recommended.

The Ramsey’s moving team has a method for every kind of move and the right supplies to safeguard your belongings. There are proper ways to pack your boxes that will maintain your items (and your sanity) on move day!

We have systems for residential, commercial and specialty moves that will help the pre-move and move day process feel like a breeze.

4. Planning for Move Day Isn’t Time Consuming

The pre-move process takes some consideration. Deciding what to pack and purge, seeking out additional storage, renting a moving truck and nailing down other details are important if you want a smooth moving experience.

When you rely on Ramsey’s Moving Systems, the small moving details won’t go overlooked. We provide additional services like junk removal, storage solutions, packing and unpacking to make your pre and post move easy.

Before your move, we will assess what kind of truck is needed, the time of day your move will take place and how many of our professional full-time workers will be on site to assist. We will even assign you a relocation consultant that will communicate with you every step of the way!

It’s Time to Contact a Trusted Moving Company

Lifting the marble slate into the truckWe understand that moving can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially if you are trying to go at it alone!

At Ramsey’s Moving Systems, we are dedicated to keeping our customers happy and strive to make your moving experience hassle-free.

If you are ready to call in the professionals, contact us today.