March 29, 2018

What To Do Before the Movers Arrive

packingThe great thing about working with a professional moving company is the fact that they will handle most of the organizing and packing. It takes a load of off your shoulders and is a great way to ensure your belongings make it to your new home safe and sound.

However, there are a few things you should do to prepare for the moving team. These are some simple steps that will make the process easier and get your family ready for the big move.

Decide What’s Not Coming With You

While movers like Ramsey’s are usually happy to dispose of or recycle items for you, it’s helpful to sort through any junk before they arrive. You’ll save lots of time by setting all trash aside. Also, some hazardous items like weapons or chemicals can’t legally come on the moving truck.

Clean Out the Fridge

With all of the responsibility of moving, it’s amazing how many people forget to clean out the fridge. Whether you’re leaving the refrigerator behind or not, you won’t want those perishables hanging around. A lot of things get unplugged during the move, and the refrigerator will quickly start to smell.

Set Aside Anything You’ll Need During the Move

Phone chargers, wallets, snacks, toys for your kids, and anything else that can’t be stuck in the back of a moving truck for a few hours should be put into a bag and set aside in a “no pack” zone. These are often things that get overlooked but make the day easier.

Make a Plan for Your Pets

Dogs and cats should be out of the house during the move. You don’t want to risk them getting out through an open door or gate. Additionally, small animals can easily trip a mover who is carrying heavy furniture. Plan ahead and drop them off with a friend, relative, or pet watching service.

If you’re moving somewhere in the Greater Philadelphia Area, be sure to contact Ramsey’s!