December 29, 2015

What is a Relocation Consultant? Do I Need One?

packingWhen moving, it’s easy to give into the stress of planning, prepping, and packing. Even when working with a large moving company, it can often feel like you’re going at it alone. A relocation consultant works as your team leader, serving as your main point-of-contact and organizer.

A relocation consultant will work with you to decipher exactly which moving services you need, for example if hoisting or rigging will be necessary to move furniture, and provide a cost estimate. The consultant will then assemble the correct group of movers and schedule each step of the move. Your consultant will remain with your belongings from point A to point B and will be available for you to contact the entire time.

Ramsey’s Relocation Consultants

As Ramsey’s a relocation consultant is included in the price of every move. All of our consultants have experience as a mover and project manager, and have excellent customer service skills. They ensure that the entire move runs smoothly and according to plan, so that you can focus on other aspects of your relocation.

Hiring a moving company that does not offer a consultant could lead to much frustration and miscommunication. We’ve found that one central line of communication is key to a successful move.