November 9, 2015

Tips for an Easy Move

packedMoving day is very rarely fun. Even if you’ve hired the best movers possible, there’s very little you can do to completely calm your worries about accidentally leaving items behind. Of course, it can also be difficult to say goodbye to your home. The professionals will certainly make things run smoother, but there are a few steps you can take to make the process even easier.

Be Organized With Your Packing

If your movers are handling this aspect, don’t worry they’re always organized. It makes their job easier. If you’re doing your own packing, organize items by room and be sure to label the boxes so that unpacking is simpler. Make sure you wrap delicate items carefully and keep an inventory of items as you go. If you won’t be hiring cleaners, be sure to leave out some cleaning supplies.

Make the Property Safe for Carrying Items

Once everything is packed, remember that there will be a team of movers on the property carrying and wrapping large items. Having children and pets running around at this time may not be the best idea. Try crating your pets, hiring a babysitter, or putting on a movie for the kids to protect them as well as the movers from potential hazards.

Last Minute Tasks

After everything is in the moving van, go through the house and check for any forgotten items. This is also an opportune time to clean the property, or walk through with a landlord if it’s a rental. Take photos of the property so that there can be no argument about the condition it was left in.

If you have additional questions about the moving process, check out our FAQ section.