November 19, 2019

Ramsey’s made it happen

We bought our West Philly rowhouse in 2015, and we love all the details from its construction in 1886–especially because there have been some key improvements through the years. The previous owners installed the full-size washer and dryer on the second floor, and we really appreciated that, especially after our son was born in August 2019.

When he was one month old, the washer died, and we knew it needed to be replaced. And that’s when we realized that thanks to those narrow nineteenth-century stairs, the only way to get the old machine out and a new machine in was through a second-floor window.

Luckily for us and our ever-growing pile of baby laundry, Ramsey’s made it happen. Scott and his team carefully hoisted our brand-new washing machine to the second floor and even took the time to install it in the stack with our existing dryer, with Scott grabbing tools and hardware from his own car to ensure the most secure connection. They also carefully removed the old machine and set it out for disposal.

The meticulous rigging and complex installation wound up taking longer than expected, but Scott generously took himself off the clock and even waived the hoisting fee to lower the old washer so as to keep the costs down. The crew was unfailingly pleasant to work with, and they were careful throughout to protect our floors, walls, and windowsills.

We certainly hope that our new washer lasts a long time–but at least now we know to call Ramsey’s next time!

Caroline W.