February 16, 2018

How To Prepare Your Belongings For Storage

storageNo matter the reason you need temporary storage, you should always prep any and all items before hauling them to a storage facility. Simply tossing things into a bin makes you liable to lose or damage items over time.

By staying organized and taking the proper precautions, moving out of storage will be simple and quick.

1. Understand what is and isn’t allowed in your storage facility.

The managers should provide you with a clear list of what items are prohibited, but keep in mind that plants, medicines, anything perishable, and anything flammable are typically not allowed inside a storage unit. If you’re ever unsure, simply call the facility and check.

2. Clean and protect any items that are heading for storage.

Remember that these things are going to sit for a considerable amount of time. They’re likely to gather dust and in some cases, become musty. Starting in the cleanest state possible is the best way to avoid retrieving dirty items later. Also, be proactive by using protective sprays, plastic baggies, sheets, or wraps depending on the item.

3. Use clear plastic bins and plenty of labels.

Not only do these bins make it easier to see what’s inside, they’re also more durable than cardboard boxes. They’ll seal in your belongings airtight and will protect from the elements better. Even though you can see through the clear bins, using labels creates an extra element of organization that will streamline the unpacking process.

4. Maintain a detailed inventory of items in your storage unit.

Sometimes, plans change and your belongings stay in storage longer than expected. In these cases, it can be difficult to remember exactly what’s inside. Keeping an inventory list will help you account for everything when moving out.

If you have any additional questions, please check out our storage page.