May 12, 2016

Organization is Key to a Successful Move

Wallingford MoveWe’ve all heard the horror stories about items getting lost or damaged during a move. After all, moving day is typically hectic, and it can be extremely difficult for the homeowner to keep track of every last item. To protect your personal belongings and eliminate some stress, it’s a great idea to hire professional movers. However, be sure to choose a licensed and insured company with positive reviews. It really will make all the difference.

At Ramsey’s, we take your move seriously. We assign one team to your move, so that it’s the same people loading the moving truck that are unloading it in your new location. Additionally, we keep an inventory of all items being moved. That includes any hardware or other small items that may need to be removed from your furniture. All items are padded, wrapped, and placed securely in our trucks.

See the gallery below for photos from a recent move in Wallingford, PA. You’ll see how dedicated and careful our team is. Additionally, check out our reviews page to hear what our customers have to say!