October 16, 2017

How to Pack Your Kitchen

packing kitchenIn our experience, the best way to pack for an upcoming move is to organize your boxes room-by-room. Not only is the unpacking process easier, but items from different rooms often require unique packing techniques. For example, you’ll need to pack your kitchen items in a different fashion than your bedroom linens.

Use our tips below to keep your dishes and other kitchen supplies safe during your upcoming move.

Don’t Leave Empty Space in Boxes with Dishes

When packing your plates, bowls, and other china, be sure to fill up the box all of the way. Any empty space will give the contents room to slide around and break during your drive. It’s also a good idea to make each box a similar weight so that you can stack them without weight shifting. Of course, use a layer of bubble wrap or other cushioning between each dish and to fill up any empty space in the box.

Be Careful with Small Appliances

packing kitchenIf you have the original boxes for your microwave or toaster, use them. Otherwise, try and find boxes of similar size. Gather the cord and cover the prongs with bubble wrap or foam to prevent them from getting damaged. It’s also a good idea to wrap the entire appliance in a protective paper or wrap before putting in the box. This will prevent any scratches or dings. Label the boxes clearly so that your small appliances are handled gently.

Put Pot Holders to Work

Pot holders, rags, and hand towels work great as padding for your dishes, glasses, pots, etc. You’ll save time and space by using these items to line your boxes. Just make sure you toss them in the washer first so you don’t dirty up these items in the move. Additionally, cloth napkins are excellent for wrapping your silver.

Check the rest of our blog for even more packing tips!