July 21, 2017

Five Tips for Moving With Pets

dogMoving can be an overwhelming process, and even more so if you have anxious pets. Cats and dogs can get a little stressed when taken out of their comfort zones, which can create a challenge for you. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the process a little easier on your furry friends.

1. Put together a little overnight kit so that you have easy access to food, treats, toys, medications, etc. You’ll want any necessary or comforting items to be within easy reach. They won’t understand what’s going on, so the better you can prepare them the better.

2. Try and leave your pet with a friend during the actual move. With doors opening and closing, people in and out, and items being moved, some pets may feel anxious and try and get out. In other scenarios, anxious jumpy dogs can create dangerous situations during a move. It’s safer to remove them from the house during the move.

3. Unpack a bit before introducing the pet to their new home. Since pets get a lot of comfort from familiar smells, it can be helpful for them to see the belongings they are used to in this new place. It may take some time before they realize that this is now home.

4. Update all microchip info. God forbid your pet does get away, you want to make sure the microchip has the most up-to-date contact information. In a new neighborhood, your pet might have difficulty finding his or her way home and could need the help of your neighbors to do so.

5. Be prepared for skittish behavior at first. Animals get very used to their routines, so the first week or so in a new home may be a bit off. Allow them time to get used this new place before getting worried. During this time, it can be helpful to cover furniture with blankets as some pets tend to chew or scratch when they feel uncomfortable.

At Ramsey’s Moving Systems, we understand that pets are family. Please follow these tips to make the transition as easy as possible on all of you.