January 26, 2018

Five Easy-to-Forget Last Minute Moving Tips

moving boxesIt’s no secret that organizing a move is a huge undertaking. There are bound to be some details that get overlooked and things that are forgotten.

However, there are a few items that you NEED to remember before leaving a property for the last time. Unfortunately, these are also the items that are easily forgotten.

1. Check the Walls for Photos and Art

It may sound obvious, but after walking through your home day in and day out, seeing the art on your walls just starts to become routine. Often, your eye gets so used to it that some people forget to take it down before moving art. It’s always worth it to do one final walk through the home to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything.

2. Don’t Forget to Pack Up the Yard

Do you have furniture, gardening tools, even decorations in the backyard? For many, out of sight is out of mind but you don’t want to leave behind any of these perfectly good items. Make sure you have a separate, labeled container for all of your “yard stuff”.

3. Organize the Necessities in Your “Junk Drawer”

We all have this space where things like extra pieces to furniture and owners manuals end up. In the day-to-day these items don’t seem very useful, but tools like those listed above are actually very handy when moving. In case you have trouble disassembling and reassembling appliances or furniture, plan to bring them with you.

4. Pack a Separate Bag for the Essentials

Phone chargers, toothbrushes, snacks, etc. are all things you’ll need the day of your move. You’ll likely need some cleaning supplies accessible as well. Too often, we find that homeowners have packed these items away and don’t have access to them. In planning the day of the move, make a list of your essentials and make sure they stay with you.

5. Remember to Cancel Utilities, Forward Mail, Stop Cable, Etc.

Don’t pay for things you won’t be using. Go through all of your monthly bills to see what services need to be ended before you move. This is also the time to think about any lawn care services, newspaper deliveries, and pest control. The rule of thumb is to give these businesses at least one week’s notice before cancelling.

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