May 12, 2020

6 Tips For Moving With Pets

Dog sitting in suitcaseMoving is a very stressful time for you and your family. But imagine not being able to understand the conversation around you, and seeing those you love stressed out. This is why it is a priority to focus on your pets and their needs during your move.

We came up with a list that keeps both you and your pets’ needs in mind!

How To Easily Move With Pets

It’s hard to remember that all pets are different and require their own personal attention. Here are some ideas that should ease some stress for every pet!

  1. Become familiar with pet rules/regulations: Double check with your new landlord or homeowners association for specific rules. You may need medications, vaccines, or certain paperwork for your pet. It is best to do this before you move into your new home so you don’t run into any issue! In some cases, you may need to pay an additional fee to have a cat or dog at your new place.
  2. Talk with your vet & get medical records: Your vet is a great resource for information! Your vet will be able to give you tips to reduce pet stress, and may be able to suggest a behavioral medication. While you’re at the vet it is important to get a copy of all medical records.You will be able to take this to your new vet and they can better understand your cat or dogs needs. This also may be the time to discuss microchipping: if your pet accidentally wanders off in your new neighborhood, they might not be able to find their way home.
  3. Find a new vet: Your current vet may be able to recommend some veterinarians in your new neighborhood. Once you move, it is important to schedule an appointment to establish yourself!
  4. Plan your trip: Your pets are probably not used to being in a carrier or in the car. To best prepare for your move you should practice these activities so your pet feels more comfortable when the time comes. Try taking your cat or dog for short car rides or putting them in their cage with treats for a little each day.
  5. Do not pack everything the night before: Try and pack a little every day leading up to your move, so you can avoid a stressful night before packing. This will not only help your stress levels, but it will also help your pet become used to watching you pack daily. Keep in mind that if you feel stressed, your pets will be able to pick up on your energy and will also become stressed.
  6. Be prepared for moving day: It is important to have a plan for your pet on your moving day. Whether a friend can watch your pet in your home or theirs, it is best to not leave them unattended. An easy solution is looking into local kennels or boarding options. Your pet receiving attention will be able to distract them from the chaos happening in their surroundings.

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