October 14, 2019

4 Ways to Help You Downsize Before Your Move

decluttering belongingsMoving is the perfect time to purge, especially if you are planning to downsize your space. Many people consider downsizing later in life or when transitioning from suburbia to city life. Regardless of your reason, its always good to start this process well before move day!

Let’s discuss ways you can cut your moving costs and limit your household belongings.

4 Downsizing Tips For Your Move

1. Organize, and then Organize Some More! 

One of the most successful ways to prepare for your move is to get organized sooner rather than later. The more time you allow to sort through your belongings the easier it will be to let go of personal attachment and find these items a new home.

Start by forming piles of items you know you will want to transport to your new space, belongings you are unsure of and possessions you can part with. Then begin to comb through your “maybe” pile a bit more!

Will that additional armchair fit in your new living room? Understanding the measurements of your new home will help you compile a list of items you can live without!

2. Time For a Garage Sale 

Once you have a good sense of what you won’t be moving into your new space, it’s time to consider what to do with the rejects!

Planning a garage sale is an excellent way to receive a little cash for your upcoming move while saying goodbye to your extra belongings. If you aren’t focused on investing the time into selling, visit your local donation center.

3. Digitize 

When it comes to old memorabilia like photos, cassettes or old documents – go digital! Obviously some items require a hard copy, but if you have a ton of old photo albums and a few extra hours, start scanning!

Thanks to services like Dropbox or iCloud, you can free up tons of space while taking memories with you wherever you go.

4. Get a Storage Unit

If you have items you know won’t make it to the new space but you just aren’t ready to leave behind, you may consider a storage unit.

Looking for a reliable storage space takes time (no one wants to gamble with a storage space that leaves your belongings unprotected or prone to damage!) Luckily, Ramsey’s Moving team provides reliable storage solutions and an experienced team that can help you transport these items into storage during your move.

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